Iou Kuroda (Sexy Voice & Robo) started drawing Appleseed Alpha manga in Morning Two. The 3DCG movie was recently released in US (trailer, clip, mashup). Something tells me the manga will be better.

Note: the cover is new, it showed up on Amazon 2 days ago, but Rakuten’s copy is less compressed, the actual announcement was last month. Comic Natalie also reported it both times (1,2).

Considering that the Appleseed XIII manga has never been released in english, something tells me that this won’t be either.

Cultural appropriation is the latest bullshit to attack white people who are interested in other cultures rather than, ya know, destroying it.

For some reason, it only applies to white people. It’s wrong for them to enjoy sushi and try on a kimono or speak the language, but someone from Japan can enjoy hot dogs and western clothing and speak English.

If that is the case, let us ALL be appropriated with this racist bullshit.

From now on, I’m gonna write only in Spanish.

Hola, pendejos.